IQ Lab Temperature Testing for Automotive Lenses

Optikos IQ Lab™ Services testing over extended temperature ranges

Optikos temperature testingWakefield, MA, USA  —    IQ Lab temperature testing services are especially valuable for automotive lens manufacturers and integrators, whose applications have stringent performance and athermalization requirements to meet safety standards for camera image quality.

Lens performance is sensitive to temperature changes

When safety depends on camera and lens image quality, effects such as focus shifts and changes in MTF performance over the operating temperature range of an imaging system can be detrimental if they’re not anticipated in advance.

Thermal shifts affecting performance can occur in the lens, in the mounting interface between the lens and the sensor, and in the sensor assembly, and it can be challenging to identify which variable is to blame when a camera system is not performing as expected.

Measuring image quality over temperature at the lens level allows our clients to isolate the thermal effects on the lens and adjust other system variables to compensate, if needed.

Design advantages of the IQ Lab Thermal Module

Our specially-designed Thermal Chamber mounts onto the OpTest® test bench, and an Invar® metal flange inside the thermal chamber interfaces with the lens under test.

Parts made from Invar are dimensionally stable over temperature, so using it as the mounting interface establishes a temperature independent flange to reference when monitoring focal shift over temperature.

Front and back openings allow light into and out of the chamber, and are sealed with high-quality optical windows.

We use an external Temperature Control System to quickly heat or cool the chamber with a closed loop recirculating liquid bath, and monitor the temperature of the actual lens body using a platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD). Measurements are made when the lens under test is stable at the desired temperature test point.

Measurements for a range of temperatures and lens shapes and sizes

We are currently able to test a range of temperatures found in both extreme cold and hot weather climates–from a chilly -20 ?C to a balmy 85 ?C, and efforts are underway to extend that temperature range.

Our Thermal Chamber can accommodate lenses with an entrance pupil diameter size of up to 40 mm, and the length of the chamber can be adjusted to fit lenses of varying sizes. Please contact IQ Lab about your requirements so that we can determine whether your lens fits in one of our existing thermal chambers or whether a custom solution is needed.

Clients can specify the temperature range and discrete temperature points over which they would like their lens to be tested. Optikos IQ Lab lens measurements that can be made at each requested temperature point include MTF, through-focus MTF, and flange focal length.

IQ Lab engineers provide a comprehensive report with measurements, definitions and graphs to help you document your lens image quality and characteristics, and optical engineers are available for broader consulting needs.

To learn more about working with Optikos IQ Lab Services to assess image quality in your automotive or other applications, please give us a call at +1 617-902-3151 or email

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