MicroPulse uses miniature heat exchanger & precision temp control

To produce small, short pulses of various gases


Skokie IL, USA — Laboratories can now use a higher accuracy alternative to mechanical syringes— InterTech Development Company???s MicroPulse ??? a solid state means of producing small, short pulses of various gases. MicroPulse contains a miniature heat exchanger and precision temperature control.

The high accuracy compact (145 x 52 x 35 mm) MicroPulse contains a miniature heat exchanger and precision temperature control that can be fitted into process control circuits without adding volume.

InterTech???s MicroPulse delivers gases up to 1.75scc/m at STP. The required flow during the pulse period is automatically controlled via an 8-bit digital interface by a PLC or other external controller. The user can pre-set flow direction (inward or outward), volume-flow (cc/minute) or mass-flow (standard cc/minute) pulses over a wide pressure range.

Overall accuracy and repeatability of 0.1% can be achieved over extended periods of fully-automatic operation.

The multiple advantages of InterTech MicroPulse technology include:

  • There are no moving parts or pneumatic valves to stick or wear.
  • There are no small gaps or orifices to get clogged.
  • No compressed-air source is required.
  • Application can initiate a flow pulse automatically, at any interval
  • . Multiple different flow values can be produced in quick succession, as required by application. Engineering analyses of testing application requirements and expected savings at specified gage R&R using InterTech patented test technology and customized software are available at no charge.

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