ThermoAnalytics TAITherm Version 12.1 News

TAITherm Version 12.1Calumet, MI, USA  —  Version 12.1 of ThermoAnalytics’ TAITherm software is now available for download.

Below is a reminder of just a handful of the powerful features and upgrades ThermoAnalytics have made to the software.

Distributed Memory Parallel

The Distributed Memory Parallel is now a more functional, well-rounded tool for you having the capability to function with natural environments, wind convection, and models containing solar lamps.

Solar Lamp Distribution Curves

Virtually replicating tests in environment chambers is easier and more accurate with new solar lamp fall-off functions. The “Lamps Tab” has been added to the interface, which allows you to work with your solar lamp data more easily.

You now have the ability to model the shape of the light beam that leaves the lamp and capture the patterns caused by the design of the lamp.

GT-SUITE Coupling

TAITherm now couples with GT-SUITE which provides a complete co-simulation of two tools you already love.

This coupling offers you an opportunity to leverage the most powerful features of each tool, creating a streamlined workflow.

Thermal Links

Determine which of your thermal links need attention right away using the “Thermal Link” table. You can now run a quality check on your thermal links and visualize errors within the GUI.

Human Thermal Enhancements

ThermoAnalytics have made the Human Thermal Module even more powerful. This release contains three advanced updates.

The module includes female physiology allowing you to test your design for all audiences and gain further insights into human comfort. They have also upgraded the male physiology to correlate more accurately with modern data.

The module now includes a new blood flow model that allows for tracking blood flow between different segments. Benefiting those who want to track heat transfer using localized heating or cooling.

Thermal Report PowerPoint Export

Quickly prepare a presentation based on your thermal report using the PowerPoint export feature. Several layouts are provided but you also have the option to create your own layout. Get your information from TAITherm to a presentation in one simple step.

Send an email to jam (at) thermoanalytics to obtain the latest version.

If you wish, you can also contact Tony Schwenn or your sales representative and they can assist you in upgrading your software.

On February 25th at 9:00AM EST we will be holding their 12.1 New Features webinar. Learn how our new features and upgrades can help your thermal modeling process become more efficient and cost effective.

Access the full list of features at anytime by visiting their website at

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ThermoAnalytics has remained committed to mastering both the art and the science of thermal simulation, based specifically on transient analysis methodology. As opposed to most modeling software that simulates heat modeling in a steady-state, laboratory-like environment, transient analysis simulates the true complexity of the real-world environment and the performance of the manufactured components.

The result is the most accurate, innovative, complete and reliable simulation data, which allows organizations to optimize design, manufacturing and performance early in the design phase.

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