The iCelsius Wireless RH for Wine Cellars

iCelsius Wireless
iCelsius Wireless

Mason OH, USA — Experts say that your wine should be between 50-59 ??F (10 and 15 ??C) with a relative humidity of 75%.

Curious to see how close you are to the ideal?

Get the iCelsius Wireless RH, a perfect tool for both the collector and wine connoisseur.

Monitor your wine cellar’s temperature and relative humidity remotely from your Android or iOS device.

Using a technological spin on the common hygrometer, this unit measures the temperature and relative humidity of your wine cellar from anywhere!

Through the power of a Wi-FI connection, with our integrated app set alarms to notify if your wine selection is out of a desired range.

The iCelsius Wireless RH is currently on sale for $95 at Remotely monitor the temperature and relative humidity of any environment straight from your iOS or Android device.

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