Webinar: Critical Elements that Influence Solar Plant Performance

July 25 (Wednesday), 5 pm CEST (11:00 am EST)

Online — All solar PV plant owners expect that their plant will function optimally during its entire operational life.

Plant performance is directly relative to the performance of its components, which in turn is affected by climatic factors. Resulting underperformance can mean a significant impact on solar plant ROI.

The ability to anticipate on-site challenges and design the system accordingly helps avoid yield loss.

Climate situations and variable weather conditions found at different locations can be significant factors in setting the systems’ overall output expectations.

In order to design and maintain optimal efficiency, solar professionals need to be aware of conditions and factors which are critical to system performance.

In this webinar, we will explore these factors such as shading, temperature, and snow, and will discuss the ideal tools that installers and O&M providers can use to measure and predict these conditions and display and analyze the data efficiently.


July 25 (Wednesday), 5pm CEST (11:00am EST)

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