Workshop on Assessment of Batteries & Materials

Join a SETARAM Sponsored Workshop on Thursday, November 4th at 6 pm at Battery Safety 2010 | Boston MA USA: An Introduction to Assessment of Batteries & Materials Using Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis
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Caluire, France –?? A seminar designed to help understand the applications of calorimetry and thermal analysis in the assessment of batteries, cells and materials development. This includes everything from screening materials, to self discharge and of course abuse and overcharge testing.

The agenda is a series of presentations that introduce the techniques, principles of operation and key measurement capabilities of different techniques as well as a review of data and publications in the recent months that describe experimental procedures being applied today throughout the battery world.

  • Calvet Calorimetry as applied to the measurement of self-discharge and life cycle tests of batteries.
  • Abuse Testing ??? adiabatic principles and testing of batteries for runaways, and hot box simulations.
  • Using DSC as a screening tool for electrolyte
  • TGA and Volumetric techniques for the evaluation of membranes for battery components

Battery Safety 2010
Battery Safety 2010 | November 3-5 | Booth #111
Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston, MA

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