Resolve Launch Model 363 SWIR Lens

12.8 mm diameter image 2 25 mm fl

swir lensChesham, UK — Resolve Optics announces the launch of the Model 363, a 16 mm diameter Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) lens for inspection and material sorting applications.

The design of the Model 363 utilises carefully selected glass types and AR coatings to ensure maximum transmission and best image quality throughout the SWIR waveband (900 to 1700 nm).

Focus and colour correction on the Model 363 lens ensures that you get the best possible image from your SWIR camera, instrument or sensor without the need for constant refocusing.

Operating at f/1.4, with less than <2% geometric distortion, the Model 363 lens produces a clear crisp 12.8 mm diameter image at 25 mm focal length. (more…)

Mold Inspection Sciences Texas New Investment in FLIR E6 Infrared Camera

Expanding Testing Capabilities

FLIR E6 thermal cameraAUSTIN, TX. USA –(SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mold Inspection Sciences Texas (MISTX) has announced the rollout of FLIR E6 Infrared Cameras across all Mold Inspection Sciences Texas service areas.

The introduction of this advanced, non-invasive technology allows MISTX field teams to zero in on and identify potential sources of moisture during testing and sampling investigations.

The FLIR E6 has both a thermal and a visible camera that are used together to produce the patented FLIR image enhancement, called Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, or MSX®. By enhancing thermal with visible details, the camera produces crisper imagery and greater perspective on the scene. (more…)

Comparing the Performance of Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

Introduces Noise Equivalent Concentration Length

tech article for downloadMeer, Belgium  —   FLIR Systems has published a technical paper that introduces the benefits of using Noise Equivalent Concentration Length (NECL) as a useful method to measure the performance of an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera.

Optical gas imaging (OGI) is widely used in the oil and gas industry to detect leaks.

Operators of gas distribution networks, processing plants, pipeline facilities, terminals, and offshore platforms want to find and repair leaks to prevent explosions, minimize loss of their product, and comply with environmental and safety regulations. (more…)

FREE THERMAL IMAGING Lunch & Learn Seminar

Discover infrared technology

The FLIR A6262sc camera sees hot objects through glass
Pittsburgh, PA, USA  — FLIR Systems and RJ Lang Sales are hosting a FREE Thermal Imaging Lunch & Learn seminar on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 in Pittsburgh/Cranberry Township, PA.

Pittsburgh Marriott North | 100 Cranberry Woods Drive | Cranberry Township, PA | 16066

Discover what infrared technology is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. (more…)

How To Build An Eight-Bit Thermal Imaging Camera

by Chris Best on sensors|online

8-BIT THERMAL IMAGER ON CIRCUIT BOARDOnline –“The 8-bit thermal camera consists of the following three main hardware components:

“Panasonic Grid-EYE infrared sensor
“Varitronix COG-C144MVGI-08 graphic display LCD module
“PIC18F27K42 8-bit microcontroller

“Infrared detection is performed using the Grid-EYE sensor. The Grid-EYE is an 8 x 8 pixel (64 total) infrared array sensor designed using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) thermopile technology.

“The thermopile array consists of a series of free-standing thermocouples. Each thermocouple consists of two thin wires of different thermal materials.

“The two wires are joined together at one end, known as the hot junction, with the other ends connected to a heat sink.” (more…)

Upgrades to FLIR Premiere Handheld HD Cameras

FLIR T1K-Series new, agile GUI & lower-cost

FLIR T1010WILSONVILLE, OR, USA – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has announced the release of the FLIR T1010, a new addition to the T1K series of HD thermal imaging cameras.

This latest model includes software upgrades that will make all T1K series cameras more responsive and intuitive to use.

When combined with the features that define the T1K as FLIR’s flagship handheld camera, HD resolution, precision HDIR lenses, proprietary image processing solutions, and thoughtful, ergonomic design, the T1010 and T1020 can help users find problem areas faster, gather detailed, accurate temperature information, and streamline their workday. (more…)

Crop canopy temperature can indicate water stress & crop water demand

“A novel way to measure water demand” by Tyler Harris

FLIR Tau 2* referenced in article

Online — “What can crop canopy temperature tell you?

“If you’re an irrigator, quite a bit.

“Since 2012, Kendall DeJonge, an ag engineer with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, and other researchers at the Water Management and Systems Research Unit in Colorado have been using a kind of infrared temperature sensor on corn canopies.

“Called an infrared thermal radiometer, the IRT compares water use by corn under deficit irrigation and full irrigation. DeJonge is carrying on the research started by his predecessor, Walter Bausch, around 10 years ago.

“The goal, DeJonge says, is to quantify evapotranspiration (ET) under limited irrigation and find strategies to optimize production in situations where less water is available.

‘We’re comparing full irrigation where we give it all the water to limited irrigation,” he says. “We’re trying to quantify how much water the crop uses if we intentionally stress it.'”