7 Things to Know When Selecting an IR Camera for R&D Uses

Selecting an Infrared Camera for R&D

7things_fliratspr80-imageMeer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has produced an informative guide entitled ‘7 Things to Know When Selecting an IR Camera for Research & Development’.

Every day researchers around the world are looking for new methods to help them solve their scientific questions. Infrared thermography has proven to be an invaluable tool in solving a wide variety of scientific problems based on heat and temperature measurement.

Because of their non-intrusive analysis capabilities, thermography systems (IR Cameras & Software) have become the defacto standard methodology for a growing range of Research & Development cases.

In Research & Development, thermal imaging cameras are widely used for capturing thermal distribution data and recording temporal variations in real time.

Infrared cameras are also used by engineers to see, and accurately measure, heat production or dissipation processes, thermal leakage and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.

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