8 Ways to Make Money with Drone Aerial Thermography

By Jake Carter*| Irish Tech News

Aerial thermography,drone
Courtesy Irish Tech News

Online  —  “We’ve watched drones become increasingly popular in recent years. They are now commonly used not only by hobbyists, but by professionals too. Those of us who want to fly for a living need to pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 exam to prove we know aeronautical terms and safety laws.

“Passing requires a score of 70% or above and will earn you a commercially-certified remote sUAS pilot’s license valid for two years.

“Often, we see drones buzzing around, capturing footage at weddings or other special events. But some of the less-well-known applications of professional drone work involve the use of thermography: you know, that really cool effect where cameras pick up the amount of heat (infrared thermal radiation) given off by objects.”

“This is achieved using a thermal imaging camera. Let’s check out some of the amazing ways certified drone pilots can make money using drone aerial thermography.”

Learn the details in the rest of this Irish Tech News article from Alison McGuire at: https://irishtechnews.ie/8-ways-to-make-money-with-drone-aerial-thermography/.

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