A Stovetop Thermal Camera

PanPerfect on Kickstarter

PanPerfect Stovetop Monitor Online — PanPerfect is a sleek device that ensures the perfect cook, every single time. When you remove guesswork from stovetop cooking, you’re saving energy and the environment.

Getting the right pan temperature should not be rocket science. PanPerfect watches your pan temperature to ensure it’s safe from under and overcooking.

The device mounts to the wall behind your stovetop.

The elegant touchscreen allows you to easily configure where your heat zones are. Set your desired temperature for each pan, and PanPerfect will alert you when your pan is at temperature.

The device integrates seamlessly with smart phones over WiFi. You can control your monitor directly from your phone and receive notifications when your pan is at temperature.

Read the full Kickstarter description and join the developement if you wish at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/189118414/panperfect-stovetop-monitor-a-connected-device?

About the creator

Keh Ho

Menlo Park, CA

Keh is a hardware and contract manufacturer specialist based out of Silicon Valley. He has worked with major tech companies in the region to manufacture hard tech products such as the Google Tango Smartphone.