Accelerate IR Inspections with METERLiNK???

Boston MA, USA –?? FLIR Infrared cameras are now equipped with METERLiNK???, an exclusive wireless technology that records essential meter readings at a job site directly onto?? infrared images.

METERLiNK??? connects a FLIR camera with select Extech meters via Bluetooth, transmitting readings that add value and insight to your infrared inspections and reports.

Once Connected users can take advantage of FLIR’s exclusive METERLiNK??? right away.

METERLiNK??? – For Electrical Inspections

FLIR infrared cameras quickly locate problems with electrical components such as motors, fuses, breaker panels and more.

METERLiNK??? makes it easy for a thermographer to quickly take electrical readings using an Extech EX845 clamp meter and instantly record them right on an infrared image.

METERLiNK??? Helps Users:
??? Quantify electrical problems in reports
??? Document energy-consumption insights
??? Add detail to load imbalance diagnostics

METERLiNK??? – For Building/Restoration Inspections

FLIR infrared cameras rapidly reveal moisture problems in homes and commercial structures.

METERLiNK??? expedites building inspections by annotating several moisture-related readings from damaged surfaces directly onto the related infrared image.
??? Improve documentation of moisture detection
??? Track and record moisture remediation progress
??? Provide specific moisture content reporting

Learn more at:

FLIR Systems
America’s Main Office, USA
Boston, MA
Tel: 1-800-GO-INFRA (464-6372)
or 1-978-901-8000

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