25-26th Feb Austin Texas

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Bonsall CA, USA — Are you an Energy Auditor or Home Inspector looking to expand into the Thermal Imaging Business? Will you be attending the upcoming RESNET conference to be held in Austin, TX Feb 27-29th?

Here is your chance! Arrive a little early and join United Infrared for a two-day class which will help you incorporate Thermal Imaging into your business and help you know how to inspect the building envelope of a home via infrared technology.

As part of the course, they will be doing hands-on training at a home and performing blower door testing as part of their survey. Join them Feb 25-26th in Austin Texas.

As a special offering, United Infrared would like to offer a free 6 month membership with any registration of our upcoming class to be held in Austin.

To secure your seat in the class, please visit, select the EnergyScanIR??? module and at checkout screen use coupon code: membership6 . Their office will automatically add the membership to your account .

If you have questions, please contact them by phone, 888-722-6447 or via e-mail to

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