Advanced thermal imaging cameras from Draeger

Dr??ger UCF 1600 and the Dr??ger UCF 3200 thermal imaging cameras?? provide thermal imaging technology in hazardous environments

L??beck, Germany & Pittsburgh, PA, USA — The Dr??ger UCF 1600 and the Dr??ger UCF 3200 come standard with a 2x digital zoom to double the picture selection size and bring distant objects into closer view and in greater detail. They providesclear, detailed images in smoke-filled, firefighting environments and offers two transparent color (TC) operating modes for high and low temperature ranges.

The UCF cameras also come standard with 6 different color pallets that give the cameras the ability to be used in more applications and provide more detail for indicating temperatures and optimize clear detailed images.

The Optional Thermal Scan (TS) technology allows hidden sources of heat to be detected quickly and clearly.

The Dr??ger UCF 1600 and 3200 are small, lightweight and extremely robust and incorporate an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and optimum operability. The VOx micro bolometer camera engine covers a wide dynamic range for optimal performance in unique image coloration and quality.

The Dr??ger UCF 3200 has an advanced higher resolution (320 x 240 pixels) resulting in a more detailed image and provides a larger field of view. The unique ???smart??? battery management system holds a battery service life of up to 4 hours and a charging unit is provided for direct and simultaneous charging of the camera and the replacement battery.

The optionally integrated ThermalScan function provides an adjustable, temperature-dependent display of the operational area.

Areas with a higher temperature will be displayed in yellow when selected by the user. The camera can be modularly upgraded with easy-to install-handles.

The selection consists of a purely mechanical carrying hold, one for the wireless image transfer to the receiving terminal and one for the saving of images and movies.

Applications for thermal imaging cameras are numerous for firefighting and other industries.

These cameras are used for orientation in darkness or in smoky rooms, for finding people, assisting in accidents with hazardous materials or for searching missing persons.

The sensor technology of a thermal imaging camera makes the thermal radiation of a person or an object visible and enables a graphic representation to be displayed on the camera screen.

The major advantage of a thermal imaging camera is to locate people and objects clearly without the hindrances from external influences such as thick smoke or darkness.

Thermal imaging cameras can deliver clear images where normal cameras or night vision devices fail.

Brochure: Tracking down a fire (PDF)

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