Axetris, NEW Infrared Sources

Qualification tests for the EMIRS50 TO-46 packaged IR Source

IRS Technical NoteOnline —  More than 1200 test specimen were examined.

The EMIRS50 qualification plan was derived from the AEC-Q101 standard and supplemented with requirements from the IEC 60601-1 norm.

After the recommended test duration the life tests continue in order to monitor the long term behavior of the sources.

Axetris runs the sources with three different operating modes:

  • OOCO – on/off cycles (5 min on/off cycles in DC mode)
  • LHTM – at 10 Hz, 63% Duty cycle (Tpeak temp <500 °C)
  • LHFM – at 100 Hz, 63% Duty cycle (Tpeak temp <500 °C)

Summary of tests that have been carried out is online in the AXETRIS Technical note at:

Read their technical note.

Please contact their sales representative for more detailed information.

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