Beautiful Thermal Image over a Solar Park using a FLIR A655sc

From a LInkedin Post by: Tintin Razavian

Solar Park Southern England
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Online –“The cause for poor performance in solar panels can be anything from impurities in the semiconductor material due to a construction failure to broken cells, broken glass, water leakage, broken soldering points, worn down sub strings, defective bypass diodes, delamination of the semi-conductor material or defective connectors, to name just a few of the possible causes.

“Whatever the cause may be, an infrared thermal imaging camera will help the operator to find out where the cause is located and it will play an important part in finding out what’s causing the solar panel failure.

“Image  is from South coast of England, not too far from Chichester”.

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FLIR A655sc LWIR Cameras

FLIR A655sc
FLIR A655sc

Features an uncooled detector, high resolution, and cutting-edge functionality.

The A655sc brings affordable research and science thermal imaging and measurement to a whole new level.

Source: From a Linkedin article by: Tintin Razavian, Product Manager (Apps & Software) at FLIR Systems, Sweden on Feb 25, 2016.