Body Surface Inspection System

Survey – Detect – Protect
mikron_hs_pplOakland NJ, USA — Portable Monitoring Systems include an alarm unit monitor and Mikron Infrared portable thermal imager.

If a person goes through the measurement area at higher than the setpoint temperature, an alarm is activiated.

Dual vision function is useful to identify the subject in question.

Mikron MikroSHOT can detect elevated body temperature at 38??C or higher, a diagnostic characteristic of avian or swine flu, at a distance greater than 1.3 yards.


  • Remote and non-contact measurement with high accuracy
  • Less detection error (accuracy: ??1??C at 30??C blackbody)
  • Easy and fast judgment with thermal image display
  • Alarm function with sound & LCD indication when detected temperature is at or over the setpoint threshold
  • Isothermal display that colors temperature at or over the setpoint threshold

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