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Mikron M7604 Infrared Camera

Seattle WA,?? USA — The challenge every plant owner, manager, and engineer faces is to generate the maximum amount of energy with the lowest emissions in the safest and most economical way.??To do so, they constantly manage changing fuels, loads, and operations.

While switching coals helps meet price and emissions standards, it can produce greater fouling and slagging of the boiler tube surfaces.

To address this challenge, Atlas Inspection Technologies provides two effective equipment options at two different price points, offering the ability to see through flame and visualize the insides of boilers, especially boiler tube and refractory:

  • Portable option: Mikron 7604f hand-held thermal imaging camera
  • Fixed option: BoilerSpection IR imaging camera with cooled borescope lens, automatic retraction system, and networked software system that integrates into the plant’s DCS

By monitoring their boilers in real time, plants can:

  • Run more efficiently, improve uptime, and increase productivity
  • Extract more energy from their coal and produce power more efficiently
  • Reduce cleaning frequencies and save money
  • Proactively manage their boilers and extend boiler tube life
  • Optimize fuel switching strategies and greatly enhance return on investment.

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