IR Camera for Building Inspection or Energy Audits

Low Cost/High Precision EZTherm 880 from Electrophysics
testo880-primFairfield NJ, USA — The EZTherm 880 series of infrared cameras are the lowest cost cameras yet offered by Electrophysics.

They feature outstanding image quality, accurate temperature measurement (+/-2??C or 2% accuracy), quality construction and a wide range of accessories. With your first touch you’ll recognize the exceptional quality and attention to detail; this is a precision instrument!

The EZTherm 880 is very easy to use and features motorized focus for real one-hand operation.

The camera also features a 5-hour battery, removable image storage card, optional lenses and an optional protective lens shield for dirty environments. A digital video output enables you to continuously or remotely monitor critical equipment.

If you’ve decided to get a high quality infrared camera, be sure to check out the EZTherm 880 Infrared Camera.

About Electrophysics

Electrophysics, a Sofradir Company, is a leading developer of advanced high performance infrared cameras, portable thermography systems and advanced night vision imaging solutions. In addition we develop image acquisition and analysis software and a range of application specific accessories including optics.

At its core Electrophysics is an engineering company with multi-disciplinary expertise in advanced infrared sensor signal processing, calibration techniques, radiometry, optics, embedded software development, PC application software development, industrial and mechanical design and production tooling.

About Sofradir-EC

Sofradir-EC is a member of Groupe Sofradir, one of the world???s leading infrared imaging technology companies. Since its inception, Groupe Sofradir has seen significant growth, employing a staff of 500 in 2008.
Sofradir-EC Facility

Sofradir EC, Inc. is located in the New York metropolitan area. Formerly known as Electrophysics Corp., the company was originally incorporated in 1969 and quickly became a leader in the design, development and marketing of infrared and low light imaging systems. The Electrophysics line of infrared cameras and night vision photography products are recognized for their quality and performance.
Sofradir EC, Inc.
373 Route 46W
Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA

Tel: +1 973-882-0211
Fax: +1 973-882-0997

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