Calibir Uncooled IR Camera/Core Series

Features Shutterless Operation, Adaptive Contrast Enhancement & More

Waterloo, ON, Canada —  The Calibir™ uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) camera platform offers outstanding shutterless imaging performance and great flexibility in a very compact package.

With a frontal form factor of 29 mm x 29 mm the Calibir™ camera can be integrated in tight spaces for compact solutions.

The microbolometer-based Calibir™ platform covers wavelengths from 8-14 µm and supports a variety of camera interfaces, lenses and state of the art on-board processing features that serve a wide range of today’s uncooled imaging applications with an architecture that offers more capabilities and possibilities for the future.

Shutterless Operation

The Calibir™ camera requires no mechanical shutter for calibration, meaning instant image output and no interruption for re-calibration.

The image output of the Calibir™ camera remains stable across time and temperature range, freeing your application from the inconvenience, size, and additional complexity of failure prone mechanical shutters.

Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

The Calibir™ 640 series features advanced image processing algorithms that adapt to the image content, optimizing contrast to show the finest details regardless of conditions or intra-scene variations.

With no manual intervention required, the Calibir™ 640 series delivers high quality images reliably, wherever and whenever you deploy it.

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