Can thermography detect breast cancer early?

FDA warns women not to stop mammograms!

Major medical organization positions on thermography:

American Cancer Society: Thermography has been around for many years, but studies have shown that it’s not an effective screening tool for finding breast cancer early.

“Although it has been promoted as helping detect breast cancer early, a 2012 research review found that thermography was able to detect only a quarter of the breast cancers found by mammography.

“In other words, it failed to detect 3 out of 4 cancers that were known to be present in the breast.”

Susan G. Komen: Thermography uses infrared light to measure temperature differences on the surface of the breast. Both breast cancer and benign (not cancer) conditions can cause abnormal heat patterns.

“Thermography cannot distinguish between cancerous and benign heat patterns . And, because thermography measures heat at the surface of the breast, it is not good at finding cancers deeper within the breast tissue.

American College of Radiology: “The position of the American College of Radiology is that thermography has not been demonstrated to have value as a screening, diagnostic or adjunctive imaging tool.”


Three out of three of the top experts on breast cancer agree very strongly.

What expert questions their carefully considered statements, and how reliable is their expertise?