Compact thermal imager for industrial uses

Compact, 100 Hz sampling rate & USB 2.0 interface for online measurements


Ortenburg, Germany — The thermoIMAGER TIM is a full radiometric thermographic camera which shows thermal images and profiles of the object target area.

Powered from just one cable via USB 2.0, the system is really plug and play. Data is streamed from the camera into the analysis software via the USB cable.

The analysis software is provided with every camera and enables the user to capture real time, thermographic images of the object at 100Hz. The measurement ranges of -20…100??C, 0…250??C and optional 120…900??C are selectable from the camera software.

The thermoIMAGER uses an un- cooled micro bolometer Focal Plane Array (FPA) with 160×120 pixels and a pixel size of 35×35 ?m.

Lenses of 31?? or 9?? allow temperature measurements at a variety of object distances: close focus, standard focus and far field focus.


Process control extrusion
Mechanical components
Process control calendering
Production of solar panels
R&D electronic devices

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