“Drones’ role in agriculture increasing”

NIR & Visible Camera Imaging

“Dwayne Reed has a hard time imagining his job as an agricultural consultant without the use of a cellphone and drone.”

‘It’s all about plant health,’ Reed said. ‘Plants reflect and absorb light. Cameras measure the wavelength and with normalized difference vegatation index, near infrared, cameras, you can see that a healthy plant reflects more of the near-infrared light. A stressed plant absorbs more of the light.’

From an article by Michael Wetzel Staff Writer, for decaturdaily.com, the online news site from Decatur, Alabama, USA.

Read the full story online at: http://www.decaturdaily.com/news/lawrence_county/drones-role-in-agriculture-increasing/article_ea9669c1-61d6-56e3-8548-5d8779ff4f5a.html.

The article features several different drones, but specifically discusses the software made my Agribotix that enables the usefulness of the drones in this application.

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