Dual FOV Uncooled IR Imager

Rugged design – water, sand and dust sealed

Hoddesdon, UK — The ARBEL??? is a new thermal imager with a high sensitivity uncooled microblometer. It offers a dual field of view which provides its operators with best situational awareness in a variety of defence and security The camera can be fixed, mounted or integrated into a pan and tilt device, as well as weapon sight applications.applications.?? It can detect a man-size target 3.5 km away.

The camera is based on Opgal???s state-of-the-art EYE-R25??? engine. It is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust.

Secured within a metal enclosure and protective connectors, the camera is also vibration and shock resistant. The ARBEL??? can be used as a stand alone camera and/or as an OEM sensor to be integrated in the customer???s surveillance or weapon sight systems, suitable for rugged field conditions.

ARBEL??? is especially designed for military, paramilitary and surveillance applications. The system enables night-time perimeter surveillance of sensitive sites, including national borders, airport boundaries and weapon sights.

Features and Benefits
??? High-sensitivity, long wave (LWIR)thermal imaging sensor detects targets in total darkness and through
dust and smoke
??? Supports a wide range of outdoor and terrain applications
??? Can be an OEM camera to be integrated in surveillance and weapon sight systems
??? Has new 12/4 degrees dual field of view compact optics to obtain fast situational awareness and
detect man size targets at 3.5 km
??? Rugged design – water, sand and dust sealed
??? Easy installation
??? Supports VMD software
??? Remote-controlled
??? Modular options optimized to applications

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