E8 Series Thermal Cameras

Three models with amazing performance and prices…

E8 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras
Guangzhou, China — A new generation of infrared camera with high performance and competitive pricing has been launched by SATIR. The E8 series infrared camera is an infrared camera with powerful functions, an infrared camera that is extremely competitive in price, an infrared camera that is going to rock the market and an infrared camera that is going boost the dissemination of infrared cameras world-wide!

Ergonomic design, low weight compact size, convenient one-handed operation, ten languages, environmental correction, bluetooth, USB 2.0 thermal video recording in real time, analysis, sic color plate, duo vision.

There are three models:

E8-N- The?? basic model, has one spot and auto tracking analysis, which can satisfy the most fundamental requirement for temperature measurement.

E8-TN – The advanced model that provides more functions including: four spot analysis and isotherm analysis.

E8-GN – The premium version, has the most powerful functions, which include: ten spots analysis, five areas analysis, line profile analysis, Bluetooth annotation, duo vision etc, many of these functions are only available in high end products in the infrared camera market.

Summary Specification:
NETD: 0.1??@30??C
Detector Type: uncooled microbolometer
IR Resolution: 160 x 120
Spectral Range: 8-14 ??m
Measurement Temperature Range:-20 ??C~250 ??C???2 ??C or ??2% of Reading?


  • Small in size, big in capability
  • High performance/cost ratio: Advanced thermal imaging technology with extremely competitive price;
  • Brand new operation menu, easy to use;
  • Ergonomics design, compact and handy
  • Portable, Light weight
  • Reliable measuring result on your hand
  • Various Optional lenses available, field exchangeable
  • Removable SD card (2G), extendable to 16G
  • A/C adapter for long time operation;
  • 2.5inch full color swivel-able LCD display
  • Analysis
    Spot analysis: one movable spot, one auto tracking spot
  • Six color palate
    Iron/Iron Inverted/Rainbow/Feather/Grey/Grey Inverted
  • Ten languages
  • Environmental correction
    Emissivity /Distance/Ambient Temperature/ Humidity/ Reference Temperature

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Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. LTD (SATIR) is one of the world???s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers, focuses on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras which are playing significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.

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