Equine Thermography used to Assess Hoof Balance

Infrared Thermography used to monitor the hoof balance and more on a racehorse

Foot Abscess-Image courtesy Veterinary Thermal Imaging, Ltd.

According to Veterinary Thermal Imaging, Ltd.

“An incorrectly balanced foot can have extensive knock-on effects on the leg and back. Imaging the sole of the hoof, and the thermal patterns seen on the hoof wall when weight bearing quickly show whether the hoof is unbalanced.

“Areas where the hoof wall is longer are under more pressure and friction than the corresponding side and therefore show as a warmer area.

“Equine Thermography – Equine Infrared Imaging – Horse Hoof Balance & Foot Problems – Horse Thermal Imaging – Racehorse – Inside the hoof, early abscess detection is possible, allowing pinpoint accuracy when draining. And Equine Thermography has proved a valuable tool in early research studies into laminitis.”


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