First IR Imager With Panoramic Image Function

New Family of High-Performance Thermography Camera Models, Thermo GEAR G120/G100 for Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Panoramic Thermal Image Shooting Function and Vibration Alarm Function Installed!

InfReC Thermo GEAR G120/G100
InfReC Thermo GEAR G120/G100

Tokyo, Japan – NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd., has announced its launch of a new infrared device “InfReC” family, and its commencement of sales of the first two high-performance models of the new InfReC Thermo GEAR G120/G100 for predictive and preventative maintenance.

The new Thermo GEAR G120/G100 models are revolutionary thermography cameras designed to be used for predictive and preventative maintenance of equipment and constructions.

The Thermo GEAR G120/G100 are ideal products for routine inspection for predictive and preventative maintenance, meeting the following requirements for the purpose of early detection of abnormal points:

  • Ideal shape for capturing images from any angle;
  • Super fine image enabling the detection of abnormalities in a wide range;
  • Optical compatibility with telephoto lenses;
  • Support for high-temperature measurement;
  • Useful support functions to detect abnormal points without delay; and
  • Management of a large amount of data and fast report generation.

The Thermo GEAR G120/G100 employ a gun grip design with a rotatable monitor similar to that of a video camera, which enables one-hand operation to capture images in a comfortable position from any angle, from right above to right under.

The weight is approximately 800 grams (including the battery pack), which is 500 grams lighter than our previous models, making it easier to carry around during field inspection.

The Thermo GEAR G120/G100 come with a variety of standard functions:

For instance, the image capture support functions of a 2-megapixel visible camera, simultaneous recording, parallel display, and varied synthetic display modes of visible and thermal images.

It has LED light for lighting the objects to be imaged and a laser pointer for pointing at the measurement location.

It includes various measuring support functions such as a vibration alarm function (the world’s first, available in G120 Note1), which is useful on sites where the alarm sound cannot be heard because of loud background noise; and free standard software that provides a variety of analysis options and report generating functions.

Furthermore, the highly functional G120 model is equipped with plenty of innovative functions, including a panorama thermal image capture function (the world’s first Note1), which is indispensable to performing measurement of a wide range, such as large plant equipment and construction and civil engineering sites.

It also has a direct real-time recording function that enables the direct writing of analyzable video images to the SD card.

Product Features

  • One-hand measurement and multi-angle image capture enabled by excellent design
  • The panorama thermal image capture function of the camera enables measurement of a wide range at one time (the world’s first, available in G120 Note1)
  • Vibration alarm function that notifies you of the detection of an abnormal temperature by vibration (the world’s first, available in G120 Note1)
  • Direct real-time recording that enables the direct writing of video images to the SD card (available in G120)
  • Enhanced digital processing function that uses our proprietary image processing engine (available in G120)
  • Multi-point emissivity correction and emissivity back calculation function make emissivity corrections easier
  • Faster autofocus and full automatic function (that automatically sets the focus and temperature scale simultaneously)
  • 32 x 24?? wide view angles enable the wide-range measurement of objects from a short distance
  • Handy, but equipped with a 320 x 240-pixel sensor capable of measuring thermal images that are one rank finer
  • Minimum 10-cm short focal point measurement suitable for pinpointing the abnormal point and measuring small objects
  • Parallel display function and variety of synthetic display functions of thermal images and visible images whose sources are easy to identify
  • LED light for lighting the object to capture
  • Laser pointer to make it easy to identify the capture point
  • Possible to add a 1500 ? high temperature range without using a filter (option)
  • Possible to add a telephoto lens (option)
  • Intuitive icon navigation and multilingual display with support for 16 languages
  • JPEG format with data enables the viewing of images on a PC without using any special software Note2
  • NS9500LITE Reporting Software enables the pasting of templates to Word and Excel

Note1: The panorama thermal image capture function and the vibration alarm function were the first to be developed in the world according to an internal survey as of the end of December 2009.
: Optional software is required to change the temperature scale and analyze data.

The new name InfReC is a word coined from InfraRed Camera and includes the meaning of a “device that captures (record) infrared data.”

New Family logo
New Family logo

Traditionally, the infrared camera market has been developed centering on temperature measurement applications.

However, applications using infrared have great potential, and the market is in fact expanding thanks to recent active research and development?? and the increasing sophistication and falling prices of products.

NEC Avio Infrared Technologies has developed its business under Thermal Video System (TVS) and Thermo Tracer names and decided to integrate the conventional names into a new single name, InfReC, with the aim of expanding beyond the boundary of temperature measuring applications.

This would grow a company that leads the infrared camera market, contributes to environment protection by offering anti-global warming solutions.

It also helps increase security and safety in society by offering security solutions such as the detection of febrile patients.

The new name will be applied to new products to be released in and after January 2010.

Read more details online at the NEC Avio Website:

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