FLIR A-Series IR Cameras

The FLIR A300-615 Infrared Cameras

Boston MA, USA — FLIR’s A300-A315 targets safety and automation applications where networking capabilities and compliance with networking protocols is of essence. The camera can be installed discretely almost anywhere to monitor your business and is ideal for any industry where fire prevention, critical vessel monitoring and fixed mounted predictive maintenance are important. FLIR A300 features: 320 x 240 pixels resolution

Typical users are oil refineries, petrochemical and power plants, and for natural gas processing for monitoring of substations and warehouses. FLIR A-Series fixed mounted infrared cameras gives you peace of mind 24/7/365.

They keep watch on your production site with their infrared eye trained to spot anything that is incorrect. They see an abnormality before it becomes a serious, costly and potentially life threatening failure.

FLIR A615 targets R&D and automation applications and is a perfect instrument for industries which rely on permanent monitoring of objects that are fast moving or when the temperature changes over time is quiet fast.

FLIR A615 features:640 x 480 pixels resolution

FLIR A615 also complies with standards like GigE Vision and GenICam. Due to its compliance to standards, FLIR A615 is a Plug&Play device within 3rd parties Machine Vision softwares like NIs IMAQ Vision TM and the MVTecs Halcon TM software.

Examples of applications are PCB testing, validation and design verification within the automotive, medical and power electronics industries.

FLIR A-Series Camera Model Comparison

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