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Keeping solar farms efficient

Podcast Randall Warns speaks with Nikhil VadhavkarOnline — Flir just released their second episode of the series sitting down with Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO of Raptor Maps.

They are proud to have a unique place in the industry where we have little direct competition and can work directly with every major stakeholder when it comes to drone technology.

These podcasts are casual conversations about the individual journeys and perspectives of each guest.

We talk a lot about what it’s like to start businesses, mistakes you might avoid, and what might be shaping the drone industry in the future.

I wouldn’t spend the time doing these if I didn’t think that nearly every person around this industry could benefit.

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FLIR Delta Videos

The first season of FLIR Delta was a video series hosted by long time FLIR drone guy Dave Lee. These are short 3-5 minute videos answering some of the most frequent questions we get about our technology.

There are some that are general and others that discuss best practices for specific applications. This is a sure way for you to improve your understanding of this technology.

Check out the videos as you scroll down on the link below.

FLIR Webinars and other content

We have done a number of webinars and other speaking engagements in the past, and we host these all on our training page. We have covered the basics of aerial thermal imaging, public safety applications, solar inspection, and more. If you want to dig even further into this technology, check out the training page below. These are definitely worth your time.

These updates are meant to keep you in the loop and allow you to leverage our work to improve your results. Whether you are a super end-user, reseller, or strategic partner; we feel as though knowledge is power. Thanks again for the support!

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