The FLIR Delta Podcast

Watch the videos and download free thermal drone guidesOnline  —  The first season of FLIR Delta was a short video series giving some tips and tricks on how to maximize your thermal imaging drones (

The Podcast will focus on leaders in the UAS industry from manufacturers, software develops, and high-level users of this technology.

The first episode I sit down with Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR. We are honored to be in a position where we can work with so many exciting partners, and we hope this podcast will strengthen the network of thought leaders in the industry.

Check out the episode hosted on our site here: or on Soundcloud here:

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Drone Education Lab for Thermal Applications
Your source for Thermal Drone knowledge, best practices, training and street truths.

Aerial thermal imaging via SUAS or Drones is a tool that helps save lives and livelihoods. Well-prepared drone operators must know best practices, rooted in technical capability, and apply them to practical applications. Whether the mission is public safety, industrial inspection or a new emerging use, future and current drone operators and their teams can become pros with help from FLIR DELTA, a free source of cutting-edge insights with a focus on “street truth”, best practices, field checklists, and other thermal application-based information.

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