FLIR Launches NEW IR Camera for High Speed Uses

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Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has launched its new X6580sc thermal imaging camera as a solution for researchers and scientists that require ultra-fast frame rate acquisition of extremely dynamic thermal events.

The versatile FLIR X6580sc camera uniquely combines high speed and high resolution with ease of use and ??the flexibility to be configured for just about any scientific or research application.

FLIR X6580sc high-speed thermal imager with 640x512 pixels and a 355hz Frame rate.The X6580sc features a high-speed 640 x 512 digital InSb detector with broadband (1.5-5.5 ??m) spectral sensitivity and F/3 aperture.

The X6580sc provides images up to 350 Hz in full frame and up to 4500 Hz in a 320 x 8 sub-windowing mode.

The X6580sc includes all the high performance features of the FLIR X6500sc series, such as high thermal sensitivity, snapshot imagery, motorized spectral filter wheel and a detachable touchscreen LCD.

The camera connects to FLIR’s ResearchIR Max 3 R&D software to provide the ultimate in for thermal imaging data acquisition, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

The camera can be temperature calibrated up to 300 ??C, or up to 3000 ??C with spectral and/or neutral density filters.

Measurement accuracy of ??1 ??C for standard configurations ensures top quality results.

The X6580scis compatible with all the existing FLIR X6500sc mid-infrared USL motorized lenses.

Optionally, the camera can be equipped with an M80/Janos front panel enabling integration with your existing or custom lenses.

According to Nigel Peart, FLIR Sales Manager (Northern Europe) for R&D / Science products, ???The X6580sc sets a new benchmark for researchers involved with high-speed R&D/Science applications such as material impact shock testing and fast thermal events like exothermal chemical reactions as well as Infrared Signature (Range Test Lab) applications.”

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