FLIR ONE Approved Apps

For iPhones, iPads & Android Devices

icon_apple_storeOnline — In addition to the official FLIR apps, FLIR Systems have built  three showcase galleries of the best of breed apps written by third parties and approved for use with FLIR ONEs on Phones, iPads or Android Devices.

It all begins with the free FLIR ONE app that provides a simple user interface with a variety of functions for operating a new FLIR ONE device.

It continues on a separate web page with a growing array of free and paid apps.

The showcase galleries with links to the iTunes App and Google Play Stores are online at .

Here’s three of the free apps from the iPhone gallery, for example; there are many more:

Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE iOS

Vernier-Thermal-AnalysisUniversal Education

Vernier Thermal Analysis for FLIR ONE allows you to mark up to four locations or regions on a thermal image. In a selected region, you can determine minimum, maximum, or average temperature.

Graph temperature data live during an experiment, then export to the Vernier Graphical Analysis app for further analysis.



Electrical testing and inspection only possible on expensive desktop software before, is now on your iPhone/iPad.

Comfort Tracker

comfortTrackerOwens Corning Comfort Tracker will guide you through a home insulation assessment, helping you to decide where work is needed to improve your home’s energy efficiency.



When a developer’s new app achieves FLIR Approved App status, it will automatically be added to the gallery. Links to developer pages and resources are referenced on the gallery sections.

The showcase with links to the iTunes App and Google Play Stores are online at .