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FLIR Viewer Pro

FLIR Viewer is an intuitive app for importing, analyzing, managing and sharing thermal images that allows you to connect wirelessly to selected FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

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FLIR Remote Viewer Pro

FLIR Remote Viewer lets you use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch over WiFi to see and capture live, streaming infrared video and stills from selected FLIR cameras.

Hurry – Sale ends January 2nd, 2012!

Regular price $29.99
Now $0.99, save $29.00

About FLIR

FLIR Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems that include infrared cameras, aerial broadcast cameras and machine vision systems.


(general contact)

FLIR Systems Ltd
Canada’s Main Office
Burlington, ON
Tel: 1-800-613-0507 or?? +1 905-637-5696


(general contact)

FLIR Systems
America’s Main Office, USA
Boston, MA

Tel: 1-800-GO-INFRA (464-6372) or 1-978-901-8000

Asia Pacific

(general contact)

FLIR Systems Co., Ltd.
Asia Pacific Head Office, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2792 8955

Latin America

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FLIR Systems Latin America

Sorocaba, Brazil

Tel: +55 15 3238 8075<

Europe, Middle East and Africa

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FLIR Systems
International Main Office, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8 753 25 00


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FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Australia’s Head Office: Victoria

Tel: +61 1300 729 987