FLIR???s Annual Demo & Overstock Sale

Up to 70% off !


Online — FLIR???s annual year-end sale of demo and overstock cameras is back! Up to 70% off R&D Thermal Cameras during FLIR???s Annual Demo & Overstock Sale!

Don???t miss this limited-time opportunity to get R&D grade infrared cameras at a fraction of the standard list price.

This year there are some great deals on high definition / high speed cameras, as well as entry level cameras.

For example, they are offering the SC8303 HD camera at 28% off list price, the SC6801 ultra high speed camera at 29% off list price, and the T650sc at 29% off list price.

All cameras come with a standard one year warranty, so you get a great deal on a great camera and coverage you can trust.

Camera Lens

Camera Lenses: Cooled and Uncooled camera lenses for FLIR infrared cameras ??? (75% off MSRP)

FLIR has demonstration lenses for their cooled and uncooled cameras at unheard of 75% off list prices.

Many of the lenses can be purchased along with standard temperature calibrations to offer fully thermographic solutions.

Visit for a full list of available cameras, request a demo, or get a quotation.

FLIR Systems Inc, is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems that include infrared cameras, aerial broadcast cameras and machine vision systems. Their products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities in more than 60 countries.


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