Flu Detection Tops Stories of 2009

H1N1 Concerns Drive Interest in Infrared Detection


Southampton PA, USA — Seven of the Top 10 Stories covered by TempSensorNEWS.com in 2009 were about Thermal Infrared Systems used to screen for elevated body temperatures at places where masses of people congregate.

In decreasing order of popularity the top 10 stories were:

  1. System for Swine Flu(H1N1) Detection & More (May 8th)
  2. Infrared Cameras Screening For Swine Flu (April 30th)
  3. An Ultra Low-Power 802.11n (Wi-Fi(R)) Wireless Sensor Module (Feb 26th)
  4. More Airports Seek Thermal Screening For Flu (May 7th)
  5. ThermoScreen Infrared Fever Screening Tools (May 1)
  6. Fever Screening Cameras In Use Today?? (May1)
  7. A 4-20mA PT1000 RTD PLC Sensor Transmitter (Sept 21st)
  8. SWINE FLU ??? Thermal Scanning (May 6th)
  9. FREE ONLINE IR TRAINING: FLIR T Series Basics (Mar 11)
  10. IR Systems Offer First Line of Defense for H1N1 Virus (Sept 28th)

There certainly was, and continues to be, a great deal of interest in the use of Thermal Infrared Imaging systems to screen people for elevated body temperatures, a common indicator of a possible flu case.

In fact one of the top stories was our editorial opinion article about the lack of foresight among the decision-makers in the US Government on the topic of using all the tools at our disposal to combat the spread of H1N1 (or any other) flu.

With the recent gaffes shown by the USA security & intelligence community (the Underwear Bomber) one has to wonder. Is the same sort of bureaucratic bumbling or possibly incompetence also at work at the very top of?? our public health system?

CDC and FDA certainly haven’t helped matters with their lack of serious consideration of the infrared tools that are being used widely in many other countries.

The only things we have seen in the way of public comment on non-uses of Infrared Flu Screening tools makes the recent silly statements of our Secretary of Homeland Security seem like the status quo in DC. Maybe it will take the attention of the President to set things right.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, the fact that three other topics placed highly in popularity on this website means that they, too, were garnering interest from the eclectic pool of visitors who visit.

Tops among the other stories was Number 3 on a low power WiFi wireless device, Number 7 was about an RTD Sensor/transmitter and Number 9 described a set of free online Infrared Thermal Imaging Training courses. The latter underscores the top 7, we think.

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