Give Yourself a Thermal Lobotomy

A Snell Group White Paper!

Thermal Lobotomy Image -- Image Courtesy The Snell Group

Online – The most recent issue of Think Thermally?? From The Snell Group (January 2012) includes a link to the eye-catching title of a White Paper by Greg Macintosh, a well-known Infrared Thermographer and Member of the Snell Group from Ontario, Canada. The description reads as follows:

When inspecting low emissivity surfaces thermographers are taught to try to ???eliminate the reflections???. While removing the obvious source of reflection is the proper first step, many thermographers then believe that this solves the emissivity problem.

This paper will discuss why we need to consider reflectance and emittance as separate issues and deal with them accordingly.

Click here to receive this white paper and to learn more about thermographic inspections of couplings.

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