HGH Infrared Systems Presents New Generation of Blackbodies

SPIE Security + Defence 2018

New Blackbody generationBERLIN, Germany. — (PRWEB) — HGH Infrared Systems is exhibiting at SPIE Security + Defence in Berlin, to showcase a new generation of Blackbodies with unrivalled performance. Catherine Barrat, Head of Test And Measurement, will give an exclusive presentation to the attendees on September 13th

In order to anticipate the market of IR sensors’ needs, and keeping in mind the importance of the human-machine interface in the maintenance and testing of electro-optics devices, HGH Infrared Systems recently developed an advanced generation of electronic controllers for blackbodies.

With this new compact 2U electronic controller, the blackbody management is greatly facilitated due to the interchangeability between the blackbody’s head and the controller.

The time spent on MRTD procedure is reduced by half, providing the highest slew rate and the fastest stabilization time on the market.

The transition between testing a MWIR sensor and a LWIR sensor is immediate.

The new 2U electronic controller, compatible with both new and old generations of HGH’s blackbodies, drastically improves their performance making them the upmost solution to test and calibrate infrared systems.

“HGH Infrared Systems is ready for years to come for the upcoming generation of infrared sensors!’’ said Catherine Barrat, Head of the Test & Measurement Department at HGH Infrared Systems.

To mark the occasion, on September 13th, Catherine Barrat will give an exclusive presentation to the delegates on the “Influence of ambient temperature on the radiation of IR reference sources: effect on the calibration of IR sensors and method of compensation.

The conference will also be an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the company’s IRCOL 600/6000, the largest collimator ever built to test very long focal length IR and visible cameras, including a DCN1000 blackbody and an ISV integrating sphere.

Meet HGH Infrared Systems stand 605.

HGH Infrared Systems is a global provider of electro-optical devices for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines. More online at: https://www.hgh-infrared.com.

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