HGH Infrared’s New External Hi-Def Thermal Imager

New solution for industrial high-temp monitoring: Pyroscan-U.

HGH Infrared’s NEW Pyroscan-U Industrial Thermal Imager

Boston, MA, USA –/PRWEB/– HGH Infrared Systems has launched an all new, unique, compact and powerful thermal monitoring solution to join their already diverse thermography products for industrial use. It’s called “Pyroscan-U“.

Pyroscan-U is a complete thermal monitoring tool, designed around a 1.2 megapixels uncooled pyrometric camera that is positioned outside the calcinating chamber or high temperature burning zone of furnaces, boilers, incinerators or reactors, looking through a standard window.

Benefiting from the highest spatial resolution of any comparable product on the market and using advanced HDR (high dynamic range) technology of more than 120 dB, it captures extremely high quality images of the brightest and darkest areas inside the burning zone.

This leading-edge tool contributes towards ensuring security and productivity management for industrial plants.

Through the software, the user can view thermal information for any point within the field of view including: temperature, temperature profile and temperature profile evolution.

Advanced features such as flame-front monitoring are also available, thus providing a complete toolbox meeting the most user-specific requirements.

All the information is available through the OPC client or through eight 4-20 mA outputs, allowing for an easy integration into the Plant Control System (PCS).

Users in industries using high heat in combustion processing such as: pulp, paper, lime, alumina, ceramics, metal processing and casting, waste incineration, coal or fuel burners and boilers, will also benefit from a high performance tool that maintains a low cost of ownership (zero maintenance, a low environmental footprint and minimal infrastructure and hardware costs are all associated with the Pyroscan-U).

As the camera is uncooled and placed outside the harsh, high temperature zone, no additional cooling element is required.

While the system relies mainly on Ethernet or fiber optic connections, a very quick and easy set-up can be done to provide 24/7 consistent and reliable monitoring of equipment in the most extreme environments for years to come.

For more visit: http://www.hgh-infrared.com/index.php/Products/Thermography-for-industry/Pyroscan-U-External-Pyrometric-Camera-for-Combustion-Thermal-Monitoring

or, in Europe,  http://www.hgh.fr/Produits/Thermographie-industrielle/Pyroscan-U-External-Pyrometric-Camera-for-Combustion-Thermal-Monitoring

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