High Performance IR Lenses for Thermal Imaging…

Fixed Focus Models: 40, 80 & 120mm Focal Lengths

120 mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens
120 mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens

Chesham, UK — Resolve Optics Ltd. has introduced a new range of fixed focus Germanium lenses with antireflection coatings that provide high performance throughout the Long Wave infrared (LWIR) waveband (8-14 microns).

Infrared lenses can often be very expensive and it can be difficult to find a lens that meets your specific needs. Of the many IR lenses Resolve Optics has designed over the years, most are designed for specific specialised applications.

Offered in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths the new Resolve Optics fixed focus IR lenses draw upon this experience and uniquely deliver high quality, high throughput, compactness and robustness at an affordable price.

Applications that will benefit from these new fixed focus IR lenses will include thermal imaging, vision and search and rescue operations.

Over the last 20 years, Resolve Optics Ltd. has established a strong international reputation for its ability to reliably design and supply lenses and lens systems that generate high quality images from even the most demanding applications. Drawing upon an experienced team of optical designers, Resolve Optics Ltd. has developed the rare capability to produce quantities of high performance, mounted lenses with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic lenses.

For further information on the new Germanium Fixed Focus IR Lenses please visit www.resolveoptics.com/uv_lenses.htm or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on telephone +44 1494-777100 / email sales@resolveoptics.com.

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