High-speed MWIR Imaging Systems (10,000 fps)

App: Real-time industrial welding monitoring

Madrid, Espa??a — According to American Welding Society, welding will become increasingly automated as it is integrated into the entire manufacturing design and coordinated with improved information systems.

The welding industry has to accomplish a series of strategic targets that should be met in the following years:

  • Seek new ideas from other industries applicable to welding
  • Accept technologies, innovations from sensor and computer industries
  • Integrate welding into an automated intelligent system integrating materials, processes, sensors and controls

The infrared vision systems from NIT are the most efficient and promising solutions to quickly identify welding defects on the production line and also to provide key, real-time information regarding the output quality from automated assembly.

Main advantages among others:

  • High speed, required for real-time in process monitoring (systems up to 10,000 frames per second)
  • Increase quality assurance
  • Identify regions of inconsistent cooling or instability
  • Affordable systems for the industry

For more details, visit: www.niteurope.com/en/notas-tecnicas–/real-time-welding-process-monitoring-using-sensors-from-nit.html

About NIT

The mission of New Infrared Technologies (NIT) is to put in the market affordable IR detectors with the aim to facilitate the development of all kinds of new applications based on IR detection which were not possible until today.

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