ImageIR?? 9300: InfraTec’s New High-speed Microthermographic Imager

ImageIR?? 9300: Thermographic Capturing of Smallest Components & Structures With Highest Frame Rates
New Infrared camera ImageIR ?? 9300 Series
Dresden, Germany — InfraTec introduces another top-of-the-line product of its high-end camera series ImageIR ?? with the new thermographic high-resolution camera ImageIR?? 9300. This is the first application of the cooled Focal-Plane-Array photon detectors of the latest generation with a format of (1,280 x 1,024) IR pixels, which is a 4 times higher resolution than other high-class models can offer.

In combination with the outstanding thermal resolution of 0.02 K, very high frame rates of up to 390 Hz and extremely short integration times of only a few microseconds, this technology opens up completely new fields of application.

The ImageIR ?? 9300 was conceived for users with most demanding tasks in research and development, for thermal analysis of very quick processes, secure detection of smallest temperature gradients and for micro-thermography tasks for efficient measurements of small structures.

With the aid of the new 8-times microscope, extensive detailed images of electric components and modules with a pixel size of down to 2 ?m can be generated. The modular construction, consisting of lens, detector and interface module, allows perfect adjustment to the respective application.

An integrated trigger interface guarantees the precise and repeatable triggering of the ImageIR ?? even for quick processes. Two configurable in- and outputs control the camera and generate digital control signals for external devices.

In combination with the thermography evaluation software IRBIS ?? 3 professional by InfraTec, the
ImageIR ?? 9300 sets new standards as an efficient high-performance tool for demanding thermographic investigations.

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