InAsSb Infrared Detectors from VIGO Systems

European IR Detector Supplier

Infrared DetectorsOnline — The InAsSb Series IR detectors are heterostructure photovoltaic devices based on InAsSb alloys.

The design of the devices have been inspired by successful architecture of the VIGO HgCdTe HOT devices.

Constant voltage bias and current readout mode should be used for the best performance, large linearity range and broadband operation.

Flicker-noise-free operation is possible with zero bias voltage, but reverse bias significantly increases speed of response and dynamic range.

The low and high frequency cut-on and cut-off wavelengths can be tuned by selection of the filter and absorber materials, respectively.

The devices are also fabricated with monolithic optical immersion microlenses which increases detectivity by an order of magnitude.


  • Ambient temperature or Peltier cooling
  • No flicker noise for zero bias voltage
  • Operation from DC to high frequencies
  • Perfect match to fast electronics
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Improved reliability compared to HgCdTe devices
  • Low cost
  • Custom design upon request


VIGO System S.A. – a joint stock company is the leading manufacturer of standard and customized High Operating Temperature HgCdTe detectors. The mission of VIGO System is to provide fast and convenient to use IR detectors, at any wavelength from 1 to 16 µm, reaching fundamental BLIP limits, without cryocooling.

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