Infrared Cameras Screening For Swine Flu

hbtms-cover[Image: Courtesy LAND Instruments International]
Swine Flu Sparks Rush Orders For Thermal Scanners
That’s the title of an article on (IBD) by Donna Howell.

Another related online article that shares some earlier information on the use of Thermal Infrared Cameras in a similar role during the SARS crisis states:

“Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare of Japanese Government installed infrared cameras at major international airports for SARS prevention.

“NEC Avio???s cameras were installed at Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport etc. Judge high fever of more than 38??C which is a characteristic symptom of SARS patient from temperature of human body.”

This latter article is one of the resources quoted on a South American website ( with the headline:

Pandemic Emergency Alert!

SWINE FLU is headed towards pandemic status in most countries. The World Health Organization has raises its alert level from Phase 4 to 5, one level below actual declaration of Pandemic.

Many countries are ordering more thermal imaging cameras, per the article in IBD (above) and many more are dusting off their existing cameras purchased during the SARS and later Bird Flu scares of a few years ago and placing them back in service at airports, railroad stations, border crossings and other selected locations.

There are several existing web pages on About Temperature Sensors beginning with the one entitled “SARS:Temperature and Temperature Sensor Related News”. They go into some reasonable detail about the efforts to use Infrared Thermal Imaging to screen travelers for elevated body temperature. At that time the illness was SARS.

The principle of Infrared screening for elevated body temperature, subsequent fever verification and then blood testing to identify the illness are similar, regardless of the source of fever.

An elevated body temperature is a potential indicator that a person is infected, so it is a very useful tool in screening large numbers of people in transit facilities for other fever-creating illnesses like Swine Flu, Dengue, Bird Flu and SARS.

The Land Instrument organization yesterday posted a news item on their website that reads:

Infrared imaging – Helping to combat the threat of swine flu

“The LAND Human Body Temperature Monitoring System integrates a thermal imager with a certified calibration source, providing unparalleled accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques. This proven solution has been successfully operated at airports around the world since the SARS outbreak in 2003. Equally during the 2007 Avian flu outbreak the system proved its worth. Now in 2009, LAND has a proven system to help tackle the potential swine flu pandemic.

“For further information go to Human Body Temperature Monitoring System” (Dated: April 29, 2009)

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