Infrared Camera Technology Gets Cricket, At Last!

{Image Courtesy BBG Sports}
CROISSY-BEAUBOURG, FRANCE — Cedip Infrared Systems, specialists in thermal IR camera technology, working with BBG Sports (Melbourne, Australia) has developed a state-of-the-art system called Hot Spot that is claimed will end all speculation surrounding a cricket dismissal.

Trialed at the recent first Ashes cricket test match between Australia and England in Brisbane, by broadcasters the Nine Network, the ‘Hot Spot’ uses two Cedip Emerald IR cameras positioned above the field of play at opposite ends of the ground to record play and spur into action if there is an umpiring incident.

The sensitive Emerald IR cameras are able to remotely sense and measure the miniscule amount of heat generated by a collision, such as ball on pad, ball on bat, ball on ground enabling an exact decision to be made for a snick, a bat-pad catch, or a LBW (leg before wicket) appeal. When an umpiring decision comes into play, the continuously recording cameras produce a black and white negative image which shows the ball’s precise point of contact.

Having been developed over the previous 12 months the Nine Network’s head of sport Steve Crawley said ‘ The ‘Hot Spot’ is a scientifically proven piece of technology that will end all speculation surrounding a dismissal ‘.

BBG Sports is a small innovative company that specialises in professional IT solutions for the Sports Broadcasting industry. Over the last 15 years, BBG Sports has been involved in a range of events and sports such as Wimbledon, Australian Open Tennis, US Open Tennis, French Open Tennis, Augusta National Golf and the Olympics.

The Emerald LR is a high performance thermal imaging camera optimised for long range surveillance and tracking in mobile systems or field instrallations. Incorporating sensitive InSb focal plane array sensor, state-of-the-art 14bit digital electronics and motorised optics in a compact, weatherproof housing the Emerald LR camera is the perfect choice for sensitive outdoor thermal IR measurement.

Cedip Infrared Systems ( offers a range of high-performance infrared imaging cameras and systems incorporating the latest technology in optics, infrared focal plane array detectors, electronic hardware and software. Founded in 1989 Cedip Infrared Systems is today recognised as a leading supplier of Infrared Imaging solutions for security and surveillance customers around the world.

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