Infrared Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

With Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) Exclusively by FLIR

Online — The FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter is the only clamp meter with the power to lead you to problems you can’t see with a standard clamp meter.

Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology powered by an integrated FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor, the  FLIR CM174 visually guides you to the precise location of a potential electrical problem, identifying dangerous and unknown problem areas safely.

The FLIR CM174 is a convenient, all-in-one tool, so you can always have thermal imaging at your fingertips. Visually identify electrical issues without requiring direct contact with panels, cabinets, or cluttered wires and cables that may present safety hazards.

No matter what obstacles are in your way, IGM can quickly guide you to the problem.

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  1. I own a Therm-App. Its great for my job. I am an electrician. But I also use it as a hobby for outdoor activities. Thermal imaging with it is amazing.

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