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New City NY, USA — Infrared Imaging Services LLC now provides BlockWallScanIR??? services to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. Infrared Imaging Services LLC is an infrared service company based in New City, NY . BlockWallScanIR??? is a service providing infrared surveys of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings built with CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) or block walls.

United Infrared ( is the world???s largest network of multi-disciplined infrared thermographers and the developer of BlockWallScanIR??? services training. Infrared Imaging Services LLC is an infrared service company which has been in business in the area since 2008 and is owned by Wayne Swirnow.

???We provide professional infrared services for a wide variety of clients in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Being part of a nationwide network provides our company with a huge resource of expertise in many different applications of infrared thermography, which we provide to our clients,??? states Mr. Swirnow.

???We use state-of-the-art infrared equipment, produce photographic-quality reports that are easy to read and understand for anyone picking up the report. This form of construction testing is definitely an asset for building owners, architects, structural engineers and general contractors in our area” he adds.

” Two benefits arise from having a BlockWallScanIR??? infrared test performed on your newly-constructed block walls. First, a documented record of the grouted cells and other structural components (in-situ) is created. Second, if deficiencies are found, a report can be generated so that corrections can be made with surgical precision,??? he concludes.

???BlockWallScanIR??? members are experienced building technicians and Certified Infrared Thermographers who have been trained in infrared thermography of masonry structures.??? states Greg Stockton, President of United Infrared, Inc.

???We are glad to welcome Infrared Imaging Services LLC as our BlockWallScanIR??? partner and look forward to working together.???

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Other Infrared Services Provided
Infrared Thermography is used throughout industry because it is non destructive, efficient and cost effective to detect and document defects. Some of the applications of thermal imaging we work in are:

Flat Roof Inspections: RoofScanIR??? Flat roof inspections ??? Infrared roof moisture survey and wet insulation on flat roofs and roof systems

Electrical infrared Inspection ??? Infrared surveys of electrical cabinets and components for loose connections, worn parts and overloads

Mechanical infrared – on rotating and mechanical equipment for excess heat caused by wear, over/under lubrication and other factors.

Building IR surveys – for heat/ac loss and other building IR inspections such as steam pipes, underground/slab leaks, energy loss

Residential EnergyScanIR??? – Did you know that according to the US department of energy the average family in the Northeast spends about $2,379 a year on home utility bills? Unfortunately, a large portion of that is wasted!

Solar Panels – Infrared imaging should be used to commission the electronics of commercial solar panel arrays as well as residential PV solar panel installations.

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