Infrared Performance Comparison in a Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Experiment

Between Two InfraTec IR Cameras

(Article authored By V. Le Saux & S.-A. Wode)

Screen Shot Fig. 2
Image Courtesy InfraTec, GmbH

Online — InfraTec has developed a new infrared camera with better technical characteristics, namely the ImageIR® 10300 camera.

However, two properties have risen some questions regarding the thermal resolution, namely the pitch and the dynamic range.

The main goal of this report is to give the main results of a short experimental campaign performed at ENSTA Bretagne/IRDL in Brest (France) by the authors of the document during week 10 aiming at comparing the performance of an ImageIR® 8300 hp available in the IRDL (site of ENIB) and the new ImageIR® 10300 camera.

The test case is a Thermoelastic Stress Analysis on the specimen with a hole.

This experiment has already been used by one of the authors to compare the performance of various calibration on a product very similar to the ImageIR® 8300 hp, namely the Flir Systems SC 7600BB infrared camera (see [Reference 1 in the full report] for more details).

The basic idea is to see if the interrogations are justified or not.

Read the full report here: 2017-08-stress-test-camera-comparison-imageir-8300hp-vs-imageir-10300

The full report is online at:

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