Innovative Infrared Thermal Imaging has Optimised Furnaces Operation

AMETEK Land Case Study at ENCIRC

NIR-B Glass - Melt TankOnline —  Encirc, a leading glass manufacturer, has implemented AMETEK Land’s real-time, in-furnace thermal imaging Near infrared Borescope (NIR-B) to optimise furnace operations and introduce reductions in emissions at its Elton plant in Cheshire, UK.

Encirc was looking for an innovative temperature measurement solution at its glass production plant to replace an existing CCTV system.

The company required high-quality images for operators to monitor batch line/flow and improve set up of its 20 under-port, dual-impulse regenerative burners.

Prior to the uptake of a solution, it would typically take Encirc at least four hours to produce a thermal optical profile of a cross-fired container furnace, due to its 20 to 30-minute reversal time.

The extended time frame, in addition to significant risk of human error due to the measurement position and limited resources to complete the profile meant temperature profiles often were only taken when it was absolutely necessary, such as quality problem.

AMETEK Land Encirc Case StudyRead the full case study here.



Encirc is unique. From the manufacturing of container glass, to modern filling facilities, to warehousing and logistics, Encirc is the only company to offer customers a complete supplychain service. It is based at two sites. One in Derrylin, Ireland, and the other in Elton, Cheshire, UK.

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