IR Pyrometer with Integrated Video Module


New compact pyrometer PYROSPOT Series 54
New compact pyrometer PYROSPOT Series 54

Dresden, Germany & Warwick NY, USA — The new DIAS PYROSPOT Series 54 pyrometers combine DIAS’s established and proven measurement electronics within a very compact round stainless steel housing.

The new devices are characterized by wide temperature ranges (e.g. 600 ??C to 3000 ??C), small spot sizes (from 3.5 mm) and short response times (from 2 ms).

In addition to the provided laser aiming light, the pyrometers of series 54 can be ordered with an integrated video camera module which shows the precise measurement area within the image.

In addition, the current temperature and key parameters are displayed in the video. All devices are equipped with the standard 0/4 to 20 mA analog output for process control applications.

DIAS Infrared Corp. is focused on accurate non-contact temperature measurement for industrial processes. As a subsidiary of DIAS Infrared GmbH, our customers benefit from the extensive experience of DIAS R&D, manufacturing and application specialists. DIAS Infrared Corp provides customers in North America with high quality fixed-mount infrared cameras, infrared line cameras, pyrometers, blackbodies and infrared detectors for industrial temperature measurements.

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