IR Thermography Helps Improve Athletes’ Comfort


Croissy-Beaubourg, FRANCE — FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions has announced a new application story that describes how leading sportswear manufacturer Adidas has used infrared thermography to help develop a new generation of sports shoes featuring ventilated ClimaCool2??? technology.

The article describes how the Adidas test centre in Scheinfeld, Germany used the FLIR ThermaCAM SC 3000 thermal imaging camera throughout the development of the ClimaCool2??? technology.

The concept behind ClimaCool??? technology is fairly simple. When athletes start to run they start to sweat. it not only gives them an uncomfortable feeling and they get hot and wet, there is the possibility to get blisters.

The Adidas researchers looked to identify which part of the foot is getting the hottest. Once this was determined Adidas started to develop the ClimaCool2??? running shoe with the goal to drain as much heat as possible from these areas.

After careful evaluation Adidas chose the ThermaCAM??? SC3000 as it offered high thermal sensitivity (0.02 ??C) and high resolution (320 x 240 pixels) enabling them to see the smallest temperature differences and also measure the temperature at 76,800 individual measurement points.

Additionally producing images at a rate of 50 Hz with very short integration times allowed the researchers to see blur-free images and to measure the slightest of changes in real-time when the athlete is running at full speed.

This made it possible to see immediately how the shoe was reacting to the temperature differences in the foot over a period of time. FLIR ThermaCAM??? Researcher??? software was used to undertake extensive thermal analysis on the obtained results.

Tests comparing the new ClimaCool2??? running shoe, the original ClimaCool??? running shoe and a standard running shoe showed that ClimaCool2??? offers up to 32% more cooling to the foot than traditional running footwear and a 12% increase in cooling over the original Adidas ClimaCool??? shoe.

A copy of the Adidas application story is available to download from or by contacting FLIR Advance Thermal Solutions on telephone +33 1 6037 0100 or email

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