IRCameras & Leak Surveys Introduce the Niatros???

Optical Gas Imaging Infrared Cameras for LDAR Market

Download the Niatros Datasheet
Niatros – Click to Download the Niatros Datasheet

Santa Barbara CA, USA ??? IRCameras (IRC) and Leak Surveys (LSI), an authority on hydrocarbon gas leak detection, have announced the availability of the Niatros??? series of infrared optical gas imaging OEM cameras.

Designed for fixed mounted, UAS and gimbal solutions, Niatros??? provides the first OEM Core solution designed specifically for the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) market.

???The partnership between IRC and LSI allows us to fill a void in the industry by offering a fixed solution that is not currently available in the LDAR market today,??? said David Furry, president of LSI.

???Up until now, gas leaks were only detected when a handheld device was used. But with the Niatros???, we can provide continuous monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year.???

Consistent with IRC???s commitment to flexible product design, Niatros??? camera cores can be configured with a choice of three focal plane arrays, including a new high definition 1280×1024 HOT MWIR sensor.

Both standard and long life Stirling coolers are offered, as well as a multiple digital and analog video outputs.

These options allow the customer to specify a solution which meets both budget and operating lifetime requirements without sacrificing sensitivity or image quality.

Equipped with an advanced Local Area Processing (LAP) contrast enhancement algorithm, Niatros??? provides smooth, continuous contrast enhancement enabling operators to easily identify potential leaks.

???IRC is committed to bringing our customers the best performing technology on the market,??? said Steve McHugh, president of IRC.

???LSI has been a pioneer in this market and our partnership allows us to create a new and safer way of monitoring in the LDAR market.???

Manufactured by IRCameras, Niatros??? is available exclusively through Leak Surveys and IRC,??Niatros??? incorporates industry-proven LSI patented technology and is available immediately for purchase.

Download the??Niatros Datasheet.

About IRCameras LLC

IRCameras, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance infrared imaging systems for exceptionally demanding scientific, industrial and military applications. IRC offers commercial off the shelf and customizable cameras, OEM cores and IDCAs that utilize the most sophisticated digital focal plane technologies, providing the highest sensitivity and fastest frame rates.

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About Leak Surveys, Inc.

Leak Surveys is the world???s foremost authority on the use of infrared optical gas imaging cameras for hydrocarbon leak detection. Since 2003, Leak Surveys has utilized optical gas imaging technology to inspect thousands of miles of pipelines and other energy related infrastructure. Niatros??? optical gas imaging cameras incorporate LSI patented technology (US 8,426,813 and US 8,193,496)

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